History of Dorado Beach

Calling Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico home means taking your place among the visionaries who’ve fallen in love with this seaside hideaway.

Among the first inhabitants were the indigenous Taínos, whose many striking artifacts inspired the designers of today’s Dorado Beach. In 1905, the Livingston family cultivated a 1,400-acre plantation here, complete with an airstrip, which hosted legendary pilot Amelia Earhart.

Then came conservationist Laurance S. Rockefeller, whose pioneering quest to create the first luxury Caribbean eco-resort led him to the Livingston plantation. Rockefeller preserved its lushness and enhanced its allure with the finest services and amenities imaginable, opening Dorado Beach in 1958 to crowds of celebrities, dignitaries and discerning families in search of escape.

Amelia Earhart praised it, Laurance Rockefeller preserved it, and now you can own a part of it.